Oppose Embarcadero Freeway demolition (1991)

In 1989, the Embarcadero freeway sustain structural damage from the Loma Prieta Earthquake. A vital freeway that brought people into Chinatown was lost and would not be rebuilt. Rose fought for the freeway to be rebuilt as it is an artery for the vitality of Chinatown’s local economy. She galvanized 600 out of 850 Chinatown merchants to shut down business and rallied at City Hall for 3 hours to demonstrate the importance of the freeway to Chinatown’s local businesses. The freeway was eventually demolished in 1991 but later led to the development of the North Beach Garage and Park and Ride Chinatown Shopper Program.

Central Subway

In 1989, San Francisco County Transportation had began their research on the “Four Corridors Study” that identified neighborhoods for new transportation infrastructure that would provide a connection between the northern and southern parts of the city. The study prioritized Chinatown/North Beach and Bayshore as two neighborhoods that would be improved. Rose became a huge supporter of the project because she saw a critical need for a transportation system that would mitigate the demolition of the freeway, and identified Central Subway as the answer for transit riders.